What are some benefits of neutering your dog?



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    Some benefits to neutering your dog would be that the dog would have decreased aggression and roaming, and increased concentration. Some medical pros would be that the chance of getting a testicular tumor would be lessened, and have fewer prostate problems. 

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    Benefits of neutering include:

    -reduced agressive behavior

    -reduces marking behavior

    -Eliminates testicular tumors and reduces prostate gland problems.

    -Reduces sexual behaviors

    -Reduces number of potential stray pups

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    Castration will cause dogs to be less aggressive towards other male dogs and people as well. The andrgoen hormones are responsible for the development of behavioral problems. The effect is greatest when castratoin is done to the dog before one year of age. 

    They will also not roam when they sense a female dog in heat. Male dogs can sense when females are in heat and the chemicals that the female emits can travel great distances attracting males. If they are neutered early enough, they will not sense or respond to pheromones, and would be less stressed and will more likely stay at home. Other benefits of neutering include, fewer hernias, fewer perennial tumors, prostate problems, and no testicular tumors. 

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