What are some benefits of the Life Sack water purification device?



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    The Life Sack is beneficial because it can help provide clean water to third world countries. The Life Sack is solar powered that uses UV-A radiation and thermal treatment processes to purify water.

    The Life Sack can also be used to carry food to third world countries, and then be repurposed to purify water.

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    The Life Sack was designed by a group of Korean industrial designers who heard about charities sending supplies to third world countries in sacks. The designers came up with a way to recycle the sack once it’s empty of food to help purify water. The Life Sack incorporates SODIS technology, or Solar Water Disinfection Process, to use UV-A radiation and thermal processes to filter water and clear it of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause illnesses if they contaminate drinking water. The Life Sack can be hung in a sunny spot or strapped onto the back for easy carrying. Filters incorporated into the bottom of the sack removes impurities and ensures the water is safe to drink.

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