What are some benefits of industrial farms?



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    Cheap food; a release of labor from agricultural activities for employment in large sectors; large, profitable chemical and agricultural industries; and increased export markets. More information can be found at the website provided.

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    Cheap food is one. High amounts of production mean lower cost to the consumer. The only other commonly cited benefit I can find is that industrialization reduces the number of people needed in order to supply the same amount of food, “freeing up” farmers workers to pursue other careers. I doubt many farmers appreciate the freedom.

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    Industrial Farming has boomed in the US. 3% of US farms produce 62% of the country’s agricultural output.

    Despite criticisms of animal cruelty, poor quality food, pollution, and diseases, factory farms continue to flourish due to efficiency, and the production of cheap food. Supporters also assert that factory farms increase employment for a community, and also actively invest in the communities they are in. A personal ethical or pragmatic stance on the issue is up to the individual. Some, including myself, are against it yet still end up buying industrially farmed food from time to time because of it’s affordability, so the situation is sometimes trickier in practice than it is in ideology. Though I do believe there is a way towards more affordable sustainable farming, which could lead to much better treatment for animals and the environment and healthier food for humans.


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