What are some benefits of carpooling?



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    Think about it for ONE minute. I bet you can come up with at least 5 benefits.

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    The benefits are avoiding the bullet points listed below.  Hope this helps.

    The average passenger car emits in one year the following:

    • 80 pounds of hydrocarbons
    • 606 pounds of carbon monoxide 
    • 41 pounds of nitrogen oxides 
    • 10 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide 
    • Consumes 550 gallons of gas

    The average SUV emits in one year the following:

    • 114 pounds of hydrocarbons
    • 894 pounds of carbon monoxide 
    • 59 pounds of nitrogen oxides
    • 16.8 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide 
    • Consumes 915 gallons of gas
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    Saving money on gas, being more environmentally conscious, access to the carpool lane, government and local incentives, less traffic, less pollution, developed interaction with coworkers/fellow carpoolers, just for starters. 

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      We, at carpooling.com try to encourage clients to carpool to make good use of the benefits which include:

      -Saving money (in the 10 years we have been working we have saved passengers and drivers in excess of €720 million.
      -Contributing to saving the environment. (530,000 tons of Co2 have been saved in 10 years by our subscribers.
      -Carpooling is a great way to meet like minded people. (Over 170,000 friendships have been made to date using carpooling.com, and 6 weddings!)

      It is free to register and a great way to reduce congestion, noise polution and save money. Please visit http://www.carpooling.com to sign up free of charge.

      Happy carpooling,

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