What are some benefits that a business would have by covering their building in green?



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    One physical benefit of covering a building in greenery is the thermal regulation provided by the plants, resulting in energy savings. In addition, the plants can help to protect the building materials behind them for longer life expectancies. On another way of thinking, the green facade is a great marketing message, especially for companies with sustainability initiatives. The buildings gain notoriety and may help attract customers and employees.

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    There are many benefits for covering a building in greenery, such as plants. By having a green roof and building cover people are more exposed to nature which improves physical and mental health, they are aesthetically more pleasing, and create a more productive atmosphere for workers. There are also many environmental benefits of having a building covered with living plants which include; noise reduction, fire prevention, reduction in water runoff, habitat for some wildlife species, and mitigation of the urban heat island effect.

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