What are some benefits of biodynamic gardening?



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    The main advantage of biodynamic gardening is that it can yield a lot of food in a very small space. The technique was first developed in 1966 by an English horticulturalist who transformed a barren California hillside into a thriving vegetable garden with only hand tools. The technique has benefits in that it can allow for urban or rooftop gardens, and may also help with food production in areas of the world with concerns over food security. 


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    Biodynamic farming has many benefits. Higher yields – mentioned by edmccoy11 – is one of them. In general, you get more output for less input (external, chemical fertilizers are generally a no-no in biodynamic farming).

    But biodynamic farming, by creating an ecosystem in which many parts benefit each other, also decreases the amount of energy (especially in labor) needed to keep it producing. Indeed, they strive in a sense to be set on automatic. See the link below for more information.

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    Biodynamic farming allows for higher proportions of life to exist in your garden in a balanced ecosystem.  For example, planting wildflowers allows for predatory insects to thrive.  These insects eat pest species like aphids keeping your plants healthy.  Biodynamic agriculture also allows for different forms of domestic creates to improve the health of others.  In other words it creates an artificial ecosystem for the purposes of food production.  I have attached a wonderful documentary about permaculture in England.  It explains the best methods of biodynamic agriculture.

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