What are some basic eco friendly clothes I should get?



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    Although you can definitely buy clothes new from stores who value have eco-friendly practices and make clothes out of organic and/or recycled material, I think that they best way to shop eco-friendly is to shop second hand. Thrift stores, especially ones that are in or near swanky neighborhoods are loaded with fashionable, name brand clothes for dirt cheap. If you buy used clothes (or anything) you are doing your part to remove yourself from the cycle of supply and demand. If fewer people bought brand new things, then manufacturers would make fewer things and there would be less junk clogging up the world.

    That said, you can buy really cool (new) clothes that are made out of things like recycled pop bottles and milk cartons. I like these (see link in citation).

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    We all need the basics: t-shirts, pants, and underwear. When you outwear, outgrown, or ruin a frequently used item look to replace it with an eco friendly alternative. When you go to by your favorite white T try to find one that is made from 100% organic cotton. There are quite a few website that will lead to you different eco friendly clothing stores that you can purchase items from. Here is a couple to get you started. 

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