What are some bad things to eat if you are pregnant?



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    When pregnant, avoid caffeine as it increases miscarriage risks. Also avoid anything unpasteurized such as soft cheeses. Lunch meats and cold cuts can contain bacteria that is harmful to pregnant women. Other then tuna, most fish is a risk because of mercury levels it may contain. Anything that contains raw eggs like cookie dough or Caesar dressing is a risk for salmonella. Alcohol has a direct affect on fetal development and should be avoided. A healthy pregnancy requires a healthy diet, including high fiber, calcium, folic acid and omega-3s.

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    Cedar berries, or juniper berries, can cause contractions, so avoid them! If anyone offers you cedar (or juniper) berry jelly, please decline unless you’re desperate to have your baby. Ingestion is the problem though, so if you have a cedar berry candle or something, you should be fine.

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    The food and drinks you consume while pregnant can have a significant effect on the development of the fetus, and may have permanent results for the rest of the child’s life. When pregnant, you should avoid eating undercooked foods containing animal products, certain seafood that may have high concentrations of mercury, raw vegetable sprouts, alcohol, caffeine, herbal teas and supplements, hot dogs, lunch meats, and unpasteurized dairy products. And while you do need to eat more, putting on too much excess weight can threaten your health and may increase the likelihood of your child being overweight.

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