What are some bad things about using vegetable oil?



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    Vegetable oil is highly processed and is filled with polyunsaturated fats. Too much can often lead to high levels of cholesterol and in turn heart disease. Safer and healthier oils include virgin olive oil or canola oil.

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    That said, canola oil is also a debated topic.  The health effects of canola oil are a tricky to pin down.  On one hand, canola oil is 55% monounsaturated fat, which is a “good” fat.  On the other, it has been shown to raise lipid levels in the blood of lab rats.  Another study on rats showed that the rats that were fed canola oil had shorter lifespans that those fed soybean oil.  The canola-fed rats also had higher blood pressure. 

    Keep in mind, though, that not all rat studies transfer over to humans, and that it has been given Generally Recognized as Safe status from the FDA.  It’s probably fine, just don’t go nuts with it and consider substituting olive oil in its place if possible. 

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