What are some bad chemicals in old travel trailers?



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    It depends on the relative quality of the trailer, as well as who used it and what they did with it! Many cheaper and older travel trailers will have parts made with particleboard (aka plywood) which contains high levels of formaldehyde. I remember when my parents were shopping for a used travel trailer, and they found one that seemed pretty nice. But once they went inside, they were hit with an overwhelming smell–the previous owners decided to fill the cabinets and closets with mothballs before driving it to us to eliminate any potential existing pest problems. Mothballs are made with 1,4-Dicholorobenzene, a pretty toxic substance used to kill pests. This may not be your personal experience with a used travel trailer, but the point I am making is to make sure that you know what sort of things the previous owners have done with/in the trailer, and what materials the furnishings seem to be constructed with.

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