What are some bad chemicals found in cosmetics?



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    Here’s a comprehensive list of the harmful chemicals that can be found in some cosmetics.


    Some of the most noticeable are aluminum, ammonia, lead acetate, mercury.

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    Cosmetics certainly have a number of chemical toxins in them that can pose potential harm. Many can disrupt the endocrine, nervous, respiratory, and immune systems, while others can be carcinogenic. Here’s a list of ten toxins commonly found in cosmetics to keep an eye out for when you read labels.

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    Two common classes of ingredients found in cosmetics / personal care products which can be sensitizing to skin and toxic to our bodies and the environment include preservatives and synthetic fragrances

    Attached are links to expert recommendations on how to steer clear of these ingredients.

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    Aluminum, mercury, among other things carry harmful toxins like parabens and dioxins. Harsh chemicals are also seen in synthetic dyes and fragrances. For cosmetics that don’t use these harmful ingredients, visit the organic beauty site Charleston Naturally.

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