What are some arguments used against environmentalism?



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    It’s too expensive, global warming is a hoax, the Earth was made for man’s consumption, environmentalism is really a cover for pagan evangelism…and many others.  Check out these links for more details on why people don’t like environmentalism:





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    Many people say that the extremes that some environmentalists are pushing for are just no possible. The amount of money and man power it would take to completely overhaul the world’s systems, when it comes to energy, food and pollution, is just too high. There are stricter growing laws in African countries about the amount of pollution they are allowed to produce, but the only form of industry the poorer countries can afford is high in pollution, and since they are not allowed to built it, they have no chance to industrialize further.

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    AGAIN…  Every time a human exhales, CO2 is excreted.  Due to medicines and surgical procedures and technology in general, humans are living much longer; in fact, right now in Italy more retired citizens exist than do children. What will that leave for future generations?  Sure, the industrial revolutions in nations around the planet have been large contributors, but this “polution” has been purely based on human needs for survival. Now, I am not trying to downplay and mask the fact that humans can do something to imoprove ecology. Rather, I want to show how blindly and shallowly blaming individuals and institutions instead of working together and revising plans, redirecting work-orders, and in general shooting valuable ideas off one another in an effort at discovering what will best problem-solve is never going to lead toward any form of fruitful resolution.

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