What are some of the architectural plans for London’s 2012 Olympics?



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    London has many plans for the Summer Olympics in 2012. Their biggest idea is to make sure that they are running with a sustainability plan. The whole idea is to try to use existing locations so that there are not environmental issues in building something that is only temporary. In fact, the only things that they are building will be intended for long term use after the Olympics are over.

    One example will be the new Energy Centre. The Energy Centre will have a biomass boiler for heating and natural gas will be used for the Combined Cooling, Heat and Power plant.

    Another example is that of the many bridges that will be built around Olympic Park. These will assist in the congestion that already needs help in London. One bridge will even have a dual purpose. One is the walking bridge itself and the other is to serve as a roof for the aquatic training facility.

    All of this information and more is available at the website below.

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    A controversial architectural plan is the “Orbit”, which is a pubic landmark designed to be an “Eiffel Tower-type” landmark in London.  London’s mayor, Boris Johnson awarded the commission to Anish Kapoor, but its projected cost is 19 million pounds, and the emissions from the steel (the main material) would put the design at odds for London’s desire to hold a “green” Olympics.

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