What are some architects that are building eco friendly houses?



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    Many architectural organizations are emphasizing efficient “green building” techniques such as integrated designs that work with the local environment to best maximize the harnessing of daylight and retention of heat, and to select building materials to minize the impact on the local environment.  Some examples are the 7 Group in Wellsville, PA and Albrightson & Associates in Afton, MN.  See the link below for the “green list” of eco-friendly architectural firms.

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    The great green list website is a wonderful source for finding green architects who have the eco-efficient design of houses at heart. A few examples are 7Group, Arkin Tilt Architects, and Croxton Collaborative Architects. This list contains companies from all over the country, so if you’re looking for help or advice building an energy efficient home, look no further. Kelly Lerner’s website http://www.greenhomebuilding.com also has lots of great resources you can use as well.

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