What are some animals that perform asexual reproduction?



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    Amazingly, female komodo dragons can apparently switch between asexual and sexual reproduction. There have been cases where females in captivity will produce offspring even if a male is not present. Komodos reproduce this way through parthenogenesis, which is when an unfertilized egg develops anyway.

    Other organisms that reproduce asexually include starfish, sponges, and some bees and ants.

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    Sea anemones, whiptail lizards, and Mycocepurus smithii, a fungus harvesting ant, are some more examples of asexual organisms.

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    Some animals that reproduce asexually by budding are tapeworms, jellyfish, and corals. Worms also reproduce asexually through fragmentation (if a worm is cut, it can regenerate and form two different individuals, depending on how it is fragmented.)

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