What are some animals that help with the composting process?



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    Good question, Jewel.  There are a lot of animals that help with composting including mites, snails, slugs, earthworms, millipedes, sowbugs and worms.  By tunneling through the compost, these animals help to create more surface area for microbes to act on, which is where a lot of the composting happens.  Bacteria is the most efficient composter out of the primary consumers.

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    Healthy soil is decomposed by a system of bacteria and fungi fed on by protozoa, earthworms and other organisms.  This balance releases nutrients.

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    There are some critters that are friends to the compost bin. The redworm is the biggest mover in the compost bin world. In a home compost bin with kitchen scraps in it, there are redworms, bacteria, insects, fungi, and other bugs. Some of these break down the organic material, and others eat the material once it has been broken down. The redworms eat food waste along with some bacteria and fungi, and then shed their castings into the compost. In hot composting, (aerobic composting) bacteria is the main driving force in breaking down.

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