What are some animals that have terrible camouflage?



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    The theory of evolution seems to deny the logic behind the question.  Camoflage exists in nature as a means of either avoiding or catching prey.  Creatures that were cursed with bad camoflage would not make it long in the evolutionary cycle.  According to Darwin, characteristics such as camoflage that aid in survival will always tend to evolve within populations.

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    Many male birds (especially birds of paradise) do not have great natural camouflage. This is because the females select for the most colorful males in many species. It is in the males’ interests to be as colorful as possible, yet also avoid predators. In order to do this, some males have plumage that gets more colorful during breeding season, or have more drab feathers on the outside and show off colorful feathers that are usually hidden by doing elaborate dances.

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