What are some animals that have been hunted to extinction?



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    To name just a few: the Quagga (half zebra, half horse), the Tasmanian Tiger, the Dodo, Passenger Pigeon, Great Auk (like a penguin), Falkland Island Wolf, Zanzibar Leopard, Caribbean Monk Seal, Carolina Parakeet, Atlas Bear, Toolache Wallaby, Sea Mink, and Bubal Hartabeest. 

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    There have been many species that have been hunted to extinction.  Many large mammals such as wolly mammoths were hunted to extinction in Paleolithic times.   Many other large mammals were hunted to extinction in Europe during the early middle ages.  These included spectacular animals such as the Irish Elk and Auroch.  This trend of killing the largest animals for food has continued into modern times.  Island species such as the Dodo bird were particularly susceptible to over hunting.


    Irish Elk : Photh Credit, Its Nature.orgIrish Elk : Photh Credit, Its Nature.org

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    There are more than a few unfortunately.  A list of 10 more recent ones:

    • Thylacine: commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger, the Thylacine was hunted because it was thought to be a threat to sheep and small farm animals. 
    • Quagga: a subspecies of the Plain Zebra, it differed from most zebras because it only had stripes on the front, upper part of its body.  Quaggas were hunted for their meat and leather in S. Africa.
    • Passenger Pigeon: at one time was the most common bird in North America until pigeon meat was found to be a cheap and easy food for the poor and they were hunted to extinction. 
    • Golden Toad: once found in abundance in Costa Rica, erratic weather caused a mass drying of toad larvae before it had matured, killing all but 29 larva.  In 1989 a single male toad was found but recent searches have not been able to produce additional toads.
    • Caribbean Monk Seal: the first New World mammal apparently discovered by Columbus, their downfall began early when Columbus ordered that eight of them be killed for food.  Since then the seals have been hunted for their oil.  They were officially declared extinct in 2008. 
    • Pyrenean Ibex: was the first species to be brought back from extinction by way of cloning only to fall back a mere seven minutes later because of lung failure.  Before that, the animals were slowly but consistently hunted in their native Pyrenees, a mountain range in France and Spain. 
    • Bubal Hartebeest: has significant roots in mythology as a source of food and also for sacrificial reasons.  Later, European hunters began killing these animals for fun and wiped out significant numbers of them.  
    • Javan Tigers: at one point so common they were considered pests on the Indonesian island of Java, through industrialization of the area and an increase in human population, the tigers were eventually hunted to extinction.  
    • Tecopa Pupfish: officially registered as extinct in 1981 after being forced out of their natural habitat, the North and South Hot Springs, because of human building of canals and bathhouses some 40 years earlier. 
    • Baiji River Dolphin: similar to the Tecopa Pupfish, the Baiji River Dolphin was essentially pushed out of its natural habitat because of human encroachment on the Yangtze river in China. 
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