What are some animals that are endangered from hunting?



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    The rhinoceros, elephant and snow leopard are just s few species which are currently being overly hunted. Some species which are currently extinct due to over hunting are the messenger pigeon, which used to number in the billions and the great auk which is a large flightless penguin-like bird.

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    Here is the list of some animals that are endangered due to hunting. These species are endangered due to poaching for skin, fur, bones and horns. I am naming few examples from different places in world, the list is long and can be found at http://library.thinkquest.org/11353/e-animals.htm


    1) White Rhinoceros of Africa

    2) African wild Leopard and Gazelle

    3) Asian Giant Panda and Sumatran tiger

    4) Bald Eagle and Polar Bear from North America

    5) Musk ox and Ibex from Europe

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    One of the most amazing species that is disappearing due to hunting is the Saiga Antelope, Saiga tatarica.  Many of these antelope are hunted for subsistence, due to the widespread poverty in the Caucasus.  These unique species are also being hunted for the use of their horns in traditional Chinese medicine.  The establishment of protected areas provides hope in preventing the demise of this species.

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    The Caspian and Malinese tigers are natives to the forests of Asia and are now extinct with only fewer than 5,000 left in the world.  There is a law that bans hunting of tigers everywhere.

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