What are some advantages and disadvantages of the traditional ways of water harvesting?



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    If you’re meaning traditional like collecting it from rooftops, swollen rivers, and monsoons, then the most obvious disadvantage would be cleanliness. It would be easier to find the water, but more difficult to sanitize; unless you want to use the water for farming, or other means, it wouldn’t be safe to drink. An easier way to get clean drinking water would be to use more modern methods to filter the water for use. And of course, harvesting water can save you a ton of money.

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    As far as a method of harvesting water, importing’s disadvantages include being expensive and relying on an outside water source, as well as having to develop the infrastructure to transport water long distances.  Advantages include access to a water source when there are no other sources.  Another traditional method would be drilling wells and using water pumps or other systems to harvest water from underground aquifers.  The advantages of this are ease of access once the well is drilled, reliability, and not having to transport the water if the well is located in the area the water is going to be used (such as on a farm).  Disadvantages include the possibility of having to purify the water depending on the quality of the source, as well as initially having to drill the well.  Another possible disadvantage is if water use outpaces replenishment, the well may run dry and there would be no more usable water.

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