What are some advancements in technology that have helped make agriculture better for the environment?



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    I don’t think that many “advances” have happened, I think it is more about people realizing the resources that have always been sitting right in front of them.  One that I know of that has helped a lot is the use of natural fertilizer.  

    Inorganic fertilizer is bad for soil in the long run and usually leaks into water systems.  Natural fertilizer helps keep the environment free of chemicals.

    2 methods that are used is manure and worms. 

    Below are two links to give you more info. 

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    Most changes in agricultural methods that one would usually consider a “technilogical advancement” have actually caused more harm than good. Prior to the 1940s, all fertilizer was organic, it wasn’t until the advent of the Haber-Bosch process that we were able to synthesize Nitrogen fertilizers from natural gas on a large scale. While mechanization has certinaly increased the amount of food we can grow, the use of such equipment often does more harm than good to the soil.

    Perhaps the best advancement I can think of is seed development. Not necessarily genetically modiified varieties, as people have been enhancing cultivars since the advent of agriculture. Crop varieties that have a greater yield per plant or per acre, are more nutritious, are easier to process etc have enabled humans to farm less land to meet their needs.

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    The advancement of alternative fuel sources will help a lot. The agricultural industry is currently one of the top greenhouse gas emitting industries. Their machines use a lot of fuel every season for sowing, planting and harvesting.

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