What are solar storms?



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    A solar storm is when there is storm like activity on the sun, which interferes with Earth’s magnetic field. So far, solar storms have never caused any noticeable effects on Earth. 

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    To build on what courkent said, solar storms are sun activity that interfere’s with the Earth’s magnetic field, and produce solar winds. Solar winds slam into the Earth’s magnetic field if they happen to be going in that direction, a process which can last a few days.

    The most severe solar storm so far has been called the “Carrington Event” and occurred in 1859. It caused electromagnetic disruptions all over the world, and interrupted all scientific devices which relied on the Earth’s magnetic field.

    Solar storms have the potential to be devastating to Earth by adding large amounts of radiation to it, which can affect the living beings here dramatically. There is not much to be done if it does affect us to prevent damage, but so far it has not happened yet.


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