What are solar panels made of?



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    Solar panels are made of silicon. Two different types of silicon can be used: amorphous and crystalline. The amorphous silicon are extremely powerful and have a lower cost to produce. “Amorphous silicon solar panels are a powerful, emerging line of photovoltaics, that differ in output, structure, and manufacture than traditional photovoltaics which use crystalline silicon. Amorphous silicon solar cells, or A-si cells, are developed in a continuous roll-to-roll process by vapor-depositing silicon alloys in multiple layers, with each extremely thin layer specializing in the absorption of different parts of the solar spectrum” (solarpanelinfo.com)

    Crystalline Silicon uses numerous thin layers of silicon to collect energy and are formed into a grid-like matrix sheet that faces the sun. They are usually covered in a layer of protective glass. These panels are less desireable due to their tendency to overheat. 

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