What are solar flares?



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    A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has been built up in the sun’s atmosphere is suddenly released, which can amount to the equivalent of100-megaton hydrogen bombs! The frequency of these massive explosions occurring can vary from several times a day to a few a month depending on the activity of the sun’s atmosphere. 

    Solar flares cannot be detected by the naked eye of a human being, they are detected by scientific instruments by finding radiation that is released during a flare.

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    In addition, solar flares eject from our star, Sol, at speeds over 250,000 miles per hour with waxing and waning of activity in 11 year cycles with the last one beginning in 2008 at the minimum end.  Solar flares are released by solar quakes, with some reaching a magintude of 11.3 on the Richter scale

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