What are solar concentrating mirrors?



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    A concave mirror (bends inward) will take light and redirect it toward a center point. To get a good idea of what a concave mirror does, think of its opposite: Those mirrors that they have in a supermarket or a Happy Harry’s or Rite Aid — those mirrors that allow you to see around corners and what is going on in many directions — they take light and bend it outwards (convex) — angle makes incident (incoming) light go in many directions — whereas a convace mirror takes all the light coming in and then reflects it all toward a central focal point — this is similar to what a lense will do (take someone’s high-magnification seeing-glasses and allow the light to shine directly through and you’ll put holes in your Adidas swimming shorts in no time flat [personal experience!] — seriously, be careful, but with the use of solar concentrating mirrors (especially combined with a “converging lense” see 1/4 of the way down the page at this wikipedia link : <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lens_%28optics%29&gt; )… they actually have solar power plants operating in some desert regions which take sunlight and focus it with a system of mirrors (which anyone who has seen “The Mummy” knows that humans have been doing for 3000 years +) and then further intensify this degree intensity of light (allowing the energy / stream of photons to pile up, and all reach a central focal point at the same time, and this is where they harness the energy; I believe with the use of a steam turbine! Come on’  how green can you get!? > there is enough available energy in the ecosystem and natural environment (nuclear [save radioactivity at the earth’s core; i.e. geothermal escaping energy] and oil EXCLUDED!) to power the entire world, IF that is WE LEARN TO HARNESS IT EFFICIENTLY (and conserve [ not squander ] what we do create in terms of usable mechanical or electrical potential)!!! Good luck, physicists, scientists, engineers, builders, technicians, and everyone else under the sun! We’ve got WORK to do (someone insert physics lesson [at any grade level] here!). 

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