What are social factors in the dominican republic culture?

example; employment, education, status, access to health and recreation services



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    The major ethnicity, comprising 70% of the population, is one of mixed Amerindian, black, and white descent. White, black, Middle Eastern, and Asian populations also live in the Dominican Republic.

    Most Dominicans, 95%, are Roman Catholics, but there are also Mormon, Jewish, and Protestant religions.

    AIDS is a serious problem in the country, with 1.6% of every 100,000 people being infected with the disease.

    The Dominican culture is quite macho, and women are often expected to be typical housewives. Women may go out to eat by themselves, but arriving at clubs alone is looked down upon.

    When speaking, Dominicans often stand close to each other, incorporating touches, laughter, and gestures in the communication process.

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