What are simple ways to lower my carbon footprint?



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    Some pretty simples ways to cut your carbon footprint is to limit your food intake.  Another way is to simply lower you thermostat temperature by one or two degrees in the winter and increasing the temperature on your thermostat in the summer.  Also, replace simple trips in the car by walking or biking.  These are just a few simple ways to lower your footprint there are plenty of other very simple tasks that can be taken.  

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    There are many ways. The easiest things to do are also money savers. Turn off the lights and television when out of the room. Buy energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. Ride a bike or walk when traveling short distances. Eat locally and organically. Reduce your consumption of meat. All of these are easy steps in reducing ones carbon footprint, and they are also money savers in the long run.  

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    Below are links to sites that have numerous suggestions for you.  I can recommend a couple things that have been easy changes in my life but have helped my carbon footprint:

    use cold water in the washing machine and hang dry if possible

    bring your own bags to the supermarket and shopping

    buy local! buy organic! (this is so tough because it is often more expensive, but it is huge)


    unplug appliances when you aren’t using them (simplest one is the cell phone charger)

    make your thermostat 1 degree less warm in the winter, put the ac 1 degree less cool in the summer

    turn off the lights!

    now, here are the links:



    if you’re curious what your carbon footprint actually is, get a ballpark estimate from an online calculator like this one: http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/emissions/ind_calculator.html

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    It’s hard to actually quantify how each act offsets carbon emissions. Some things can’t be avoided, like using a car and running appliances.  However, most scientists tend to agree that limiting meat in your diet is a highly effective way to lower your carbon footprint. In fact, switching to a vegetarian diet is arguably better than switching to a hybrid car.

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    I’d suggest three main solutions to your need: 1. Plants. As plants absorb carbon dioxide while producing oxygen, having more greenery in your area may offset and somewhat neutralize the amount of carbon, at least from a solely respiratoric standpoint. 2. Motion. Walk, ride a bike, skateboard, try anything that gets you from point A to point B without going to the gas station, point C. 3. Power! Off-grid solar and wind energy systems are more and more commonly implemented on family homes, in some cases eliminating the homeowner’s electric bill. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    One really simple one that I think deserves mention at least because it requires you to do nothing at all, is to upload fewer pictures and videos on sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Imageshack.  These sites need to store your pictures on data servers, which require a huge amount of energy to run, especially in the capacity that these sites need.

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