What are simple ways to generate electricity?



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    Perhaps the most simple way to generate electricity is by passing a conductive wire through a magnetic field (or moving a magnet past a wire). This also works in reverse: placing an electric current in a wire produces a magnetic field. The difference between the two ways to generate electricity is that the first way requires an investment of physical, kinetic energy while the latter requires chemical energy released from a battery. If you have every seen a flashlight that needs no batteries, it is because inside the flashlight is a coil of wire surrounding a moving magnet. In order to create enough electrical energy to power the light bulb, all one needs to do is shake the thing. The movement of the magnet past the wires puts an electrical charge on the wire which then illuminates the bulb. This is essentially the same process that occurs in power plants, but the energy required to move the massive turbines that then pass wires through a magnetic field is so huge that we need to harness the power of wind, tides, the sun, oil, nuclear, or coal to get the job done.

    Another simple way to generate electricity is to rub your feet on the carpet. Friction between your feet and the carpet fiber knock electrons off the floor and onto your body, then when you touch something conductive, those electrons leap off your finger creating a spark.

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