What are silly bandz used for?



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    These are used purely for entertainment. They form into many different fun shapes. 

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    Silly Bandz can be used just like rubber bands, so basically anything you can use a rubber band for, you can also use a Silly Band for. Some examples are a pencil grip, a broom handle, or to mark wires (See 52 uses of rubber bands below). With Silly Bandz, you can also use the “bandz” to trace shapes on paper and play games with the shapes. Mostly, I think they are used for collecting and trading, so perhaps sharpening those bargaining skills is another bonus! My favorite bank teller wears a bunch of them, so they’re probably a fun way to separate cash too.

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    The testimonials section on the SillyBandz website provides some insight into how they are used.

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    Wear them as a silicone bracelet.

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