What are the side effects of lime disease?



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         Lyme disease can infect different parts of the body, producing different symptoms in different patients. Usually (in 70-80% of cases), the first sign of infection is a circular rash called erythema migrans, which appears 3-30 days after the patient is bitten by an infected tick. Other symptoms are bell’s palsy, severe headaches and muscle stiffness due to meningitis, heart palpitations and joint pain.

         Lyme disease can be treated by antibiotics, but if the disease goes untreated for several months, 60% of patients develop joint swelling and arthritis. In 5% of cases, untreated Lyme disease can cause neurological complaints such as short-term memory loss and numbness.


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    Beginning symptoms include redness of skin and later symptoms include inflammation of the heart muscle, facial muscle paralysis, meningitis, and confusion. Check the link for more information. 

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