What are sea urchins?



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    Sea Urchins are prickly, omnivorous animals that live on the ocean floor.  Their scientific name is Echinoidea, but many people refer to them as the “hedgehog of the sea.”  They prefer to live in rocky parts of the ocean floor, or in coral reefs. Sea Urchins can live anywhere from 15-200 years, but despite their long lives, they are considered to be a threatened species.  

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    Sea urchins are invertebres that live on the sea floor. They eat plant and animal matter including kelp, decaying and dead fish, and algae. They are eaten by crabs, sea otters, some birds, snails, fish, and people. A picture is shown below. 

    sea urchin

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    Sea urchins can also live in shoreline tide pools. I’ve observed them in rocky pools of water, living with starfish, seaweed, sea anemones, and other marine creatures along the North Pacific coast.

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    Sea urchins are ocean dwellers with spherical bodies and protective spines. The spines help the sea urchins move, protect, and camouflage themselves in the midst of predators. They live all over the world in oceans, in mud beds or coral reefs. Sea urchins have been majorly affected by pollution in the past, but they are not an endangered species.

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