What are scientists who study Earth called?



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    Probably geologists would be closest, as “geo” comes from the greek word for Earth. Earth is made up of so many facets that most scientists are studying it in one way or another: biologists, chemists, physisicts.

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    Scientists who study the earth are geologists. The word geology comes from Greek words meaning study of Earth. Some geologists study rocks, soils, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, oceans, and other parts of the planet, while others study fossils, the marks or remains of dead organisms. The study of fossils helps scientists learn how life developed on Earth. Geologists also investigate other objects in the solar system, including Earth’s moon, other planets and their satellites, and asteroids and meteorites.

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    Earth science is split up over four main categories: geography, geology, geophysics and geodesy.
    Hence practitioners of these fields are called respectively: Geographer, Geologist, Geophysicist and Geodesist.

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    Generally scientists that study the earth are called geologists. They study materials that are found on earth and factors that influence that earth. Some other scientists that study the earth are: oceanographers, ecologists, geographers, and meteorologists.

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