What are the safest fish to eat that don’t have any mercury?



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    All fish contain trace amounts of mercury. However, according to the American Pregnancy Association, fish with the lowest amount of mercury include: anchovies, butterfish, catfish, clam, crab (domestic), crawfish/crayfish, croaker, flounder, haddock, hake, herring, mackerel (N. Atlantic, Chub), mullet, oysters, perch (ocean), plaice, salmon (canned or fresh), sardines, scallops, shad (American), shrimp, sole, squid (Calamari), tilapia, trout (freshwater), whitefish, and whiting.

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    Unfortunately, all fish contain at least some mercury. My advice would be to become familiar with the fish that are known to have a high mercury content and avoid eating those types. I know from when I was pregnant I was told to not eat swordfish or shark because they both have a large amount of mercury. According to another website, other fish to stay away from are mackeral, yellowtail, and young sea bass. Interestingly, this site is also saying that yellowfin, bluefin, bigeye, and albacore tuna also have a high mercury content.

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