What are road trains?



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    A road train is a trucking concept used to describe the process of moving freight efficiently.  A road train consists of a regular tractor unit pulling two or more trailer or semi-trailers.  Road trains are commonly used to decrease the cost in transporting various materials, like livestock, fuel, or general freight by attaching a few trailers to one unit for transport.  This practice is most commonly used in Australia, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and the United States.

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    Road trains or “platooning” are a new idea to conserve fossil fuels while at the same time allowing people to drive their cars. It involves “linking cars together into road trains or ‘platoons’ to form semi-autonomous convoys under the control of a professional lead driver.” One nice thing about this idea is that it doesn’t create the need to dramatically change road infrastructure. Tests were recently run in Sweden, and are set to continue in Spain.


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    The road trains are generally popular in Japan bullet trains but the real pride of Australian road is train.

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