what are the risk factors to which children are potentially exposed?



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    I’m not exactly sure what is meant by this question, but I think you mean like health problems due to the bad environment?  If not, you can just comment and I will try to find you the answer for you

    However, assuming that is the question, here is the answer:

    Basically, a slew of problems from all across the board.  Asthma, cancer, chronic weakened immune systems, chronic fatigue, impaired brain development, mercury poisoning, and hoards of others.  From the moment they are in your whom they start feeling the negative effects from the planet.  Attached I have some links for more info. 

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    One of the consequences about ignoring climate change that is often cited is the effect and burden it will have on our children and grandchildren.  They will be inheriting an Earth with finite resources, and one that is overpopulated. The positive changes we are making now will have to be carried on for years and decades to come; however if we do not act, our children will be given the responsibilty of trying to reverse what many scientists think will be irreversable conditions.

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