What are recycled cars used for?



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    The different parts of a car that can be recycled are the tires, the glass, batteries, steel and iron and then other miscellaneous parts like rubber and car seat material.  The tires are often recycled to make new roads.  Glass can be recycled over and over and can be used to make bottles, jars, jewelry, porcelain, flooring and countertop in your house.  Batteries are very important to recycle and are used to make new batteries.  Now the scrap steel and iron is a big part of the old car and 67% of steel in the U.S. is recovered steel, but we don’t have the biggest industry for it.  It is mostly imported by China and India to reuse and create something new. The rubber can make shoes and there is a company in Barcelona that uses car upholstery to make beanbag chairs!  People are innovative.

    For a great article that details how much each of these steps saves, read this: http://blog.cars4causes.net/index.php/2008/10/recycled-car-parts-what-becomes-of-them/

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