What are the reasons why people poach endangered animals?



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    The reason people poach any animal is for profit. Animal furs are very expensive and poachers are after them. Endangered species, since they are protected, are very difficult to get a hold of and there are very few of their pelts around, so they are very expensive.

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    People often poach because there are large monetary incentives to do so and a demand for those poached items.  Though it’s illegal, the reward for their participation far exceeds the risk from their perspective.  Some people may also poach because they are disconnected from feeling for the animal, in other words- lack of care.

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    Traditional Chinese medicine often incorporates ingredients from parts of endangered plants and animals. The use of parts of endangered species has created controversy and resulted in a black market of poachers who hunt restricted animals. There are deep cultural beliefs in the potency of tiger parts that are so prevalent across Asia that laws protecting tigers fail to stop the sale of tiger parts in the open market. 

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    in short – there are some perverted minds that are willing to pay many (often huge sum) for the poarched animals.

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    Unfortunately, some times people kill endangered species so they can have the animal in their collection. Many large game hunters and other hunters will kill the animal and have it stuffed and then put it in their house. It is a type of sport, but in terms of endangered species, it may be a pride thing. The person can brag to their friends that they have a specimen of this endangered species in their home. This, however, is a different type of person than someone who goes deer hunting for meat or sport and may mount the antlers.

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    Poachers often illegally kill endangered animals for money.  It is reported that poaching earns the pachers up to $20 million per year, quite a hefty sum. I don’t think that poachers necessarily feel good about what they are doing, but likely do it to provide for their family, since, in general they are taking a significant risk in poaching, and not using the goods themselves. 

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