what are reasons why people killed lions



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    Self-defense, malice and hate, fear, protection of livestock, food, sport.

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    Until about 10,000 years ago the lion was the most widespread large land mammal other than humans. Sadly their population has been decreasing ever since. Lions have no natural predators so besides their diminishing habitat, humans are the main cause for their journey towards extinction. Some lions are hunted for game, in which people pay to slaughter these animals for sport. Some tribes in Africa also consider the slaying of these animals to be a right of passage. The hunting of these magnificent creatures must be stopped if we want these animals to continue on, as they are growing closer and closer to extinction everyday.

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    humans are killing lions because of it fur to use to make a jacket, and use it for to eat meat  it.Also they also killing them because it sometimes attackes people and maybe the goverment don’t want alot of problems !

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    Lions are hunted for sport — trophy hunting. Their distinguishing traits — majesty and strength — become motivations for humans to kill them as a measure of their own selves.

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