What are raw vegan chefs?



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    They are culinary trained chefs that specialize in preparing meals that include whole, ripe, raw organic fruits and vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains.  Additionally, because they are vegan, the meals they prepare are free of meat, eggs, dairy products, processed/cooked foods, caffeine, and alcohol.


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    Raw vegan chefs combine veganism and raw foodism and manipulate uncooked, unprocessed and organic (mainly) food in ways that most people cannot even imagine. They make salads of all sorts, but that is just the very beginning. They sprout since raw foodists cannot consume rice and many grains (they are soaked and spouted).

    Although the definition is unprocessed, they are still able to use a blender, food processor, juicer and dehydrater. Freezing and soaking are also acceptable. Dehydrating food takes a very very long time, so those cookies, breads or crackers that you are making raw might take up to half a day to make.

    By using these methods, the enzymes are retained and sometimes, the enzyme inhibitors are deactivated.

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