What are rainbow trout?



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    Rainbow trout are a type of fish native to the rivers and lakes of North America west of the Rocky Mountains. Rainbown trout are usually blue-green or yellow-green in color, with a pink streak along their sides, white underbelly, and black spots on their back and fins. These trout are members of the salmon family and average between 20 to 30 inches long and around eight pounds. Rainbow trout can reach a maximum of 4 feet long and 53 pounds. They prefer cool rivers but are able to follow a river out to salt water. Rainbow trout eat insects, crustaceans, and small fish. The attached link shows a map of the rainbow trout’s range.

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    In addition, rainbow trout are often fished for their meat, and for the prestige of catching them.  They are known to have high acceleration when caught, and so fishermen are advised to use a line that is quite sturdy (twice the strnegth of the line used for another fish of the same size); however, this makes them an appealing catch for most fishermen.  Rainbow trout fishing is best done at dawn, since the fish are nocturnal, and they will be hungriest at this time, according to locals who fish rainbow trout often.  Rainbow trout can also be fished from ice during the winter.

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    Also, rainbow trout are not currently considered threatened, as their populations globally are robust. In fact, rainbow trout are doing so well, that in some areas where they are not native, they are considered an invasive species. However, trout populations are often directly affected by environmental factors ranging from pollution from pesticide run-offs to damming. For more information, see the link below.

    A painting of a rainbow trout:

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