What are the purposes of listening?

What are the significance in listening?



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    Listening is when you pay attention to something you are hearing.

    Hearing is one of the five senses that work together to help your body understand what’s going on in the world.

    There are two purposes to hearing, both of which are so that individuals get information from their local environment.

    One kind of sound is intentionally made by a human or animal, and its purpose is to communicate with you or other animals.

    The other kind of sound just happens on account of something that happened in the world — whether or not it has a meaning depends largely on whether you decide there is a meaning. For example, if you hear a loud bang, and there is a thunderstorm, you may decide to ignore it. But if you hear a loud band, and there is no thunderstorm, you may decide something is wrong, and go looking for the problem.


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    Listening, like mentioned above, is meant to give a person or animal perception of the environment around them through auditory frequencies and sound waves that only our ears can pick up. Though our range of frequencies that we can hear is less than some in the animal kingdom, it does allow for auditory communication between humans. Listening in particular allows us to absorb information and perception from the world around us, whether listening to a conversation or crickets chirping. Hearing is simply ambient noise that fills our ears, without learning much from it. Listening can be a power learning tool, especially for those who cannot use their eyesight to learn and perceive.

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