What are the pros and cons of advertising



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    I feel the pros and cons are always debatable. However, these are the most common pros and cons of advertising:

    Pros of advertising:

    • It informs consumers
    • Reaches consumers in a variety of media – both new (soical media, blogs) and traditional (i.e. television, radio, newpaper) 
    • Increases sales, so the product/service is cheaper – this also applies to brands sponsoring certain stuff like football games
    • Creates jobs for many people


    • Manipulates consumers into buying a product/service or gives false/misleading information
    • Too obtrusive to consumers (i.e. pop-ads)
    • Targets children too much
    • Uneffective most of the time

    There are much more pros and cons, these are just the ones I could think of at the top of my head. I’m actually an adveritsing major with a love-hate relationship with ads.

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