What are propane vehicles?



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    Propane vehicles are just that – vehicles that use propane as fuel.  They can only run on propane, or they can be bi-fuel, meaning they can run off gas or propane.  The power, cruising speed and acceleration are similar to gas vehicles, as is the between-fueling driving range.

    The vehicles have low maintenance costs and do not have the cold start problems that liquid fuel vehicles have.

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    Propane serves as an alternative form of fuel for some public service vehicles, such as buses, delivery trucks, police cars, and fleets.  Another name for propane is liquified petroleum gas (LPG); worldwide, 10 million vehicles employ this type of fuel, and in the U.S., 270,000 vehicles use it.  Propane cars are not available for purchase by the general public.  However, you can have your car converted to a propane-powered vehicle with the use of a retrofit package.  Propane cars are considered to be far cleaner than gasoline and deisel engines because they emit less carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nonmethane hydrocarbons.

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    Propane is an alternative fuel source for certain cars either designed specifically for the fuel or that had their engine converted to use it. Propane’s performance is similar to gasoline’s, except for a 25% range decrease. Propane is a popular fuel alternative due to burning relatively cleanly with little carbon emissions.

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