What are problems faced by Indian farmers?



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    I’m not going to write an article, but briefly, the problems faced by Indian farmers include some of the following:

    1.  Indian weather has been increasingly getting hotter especially in the past decade. Record breaking temperatures have also brought drought which has caused several crop failures throughout the country.

    2.  With India’s focus having been on industrialization the past several years, the national and state governments have neglected financing policies that would aid farmers.  Even after thousands of suicides the government has taken little action aside from setting up a special hotline for ailing farmers.  

    3.  As farmers have experience many years of crop failures, they have come into greater debt from banks and creditors.  With economic times being so bad, banks and creditors are not as lenient in working with those in debt as they were prior to the 2008 economic crisis.  Banks and lenders frequently inform farmers that they will seize their farmlands and auction them off if debts are not paid off.  

    4.  Legally farmers must sell their produce through Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees, which were originally designed to protect farmers interests as a type of regulating body.  However the committees also receive money for the food and the price the farmers get is low in comparison.   

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