what are the problems with environmental determinism



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    Environmental determinism is the idea that a person’s physical environment, as opposed to the social environment, deteremines culture. It is essentially the “nature” side of the nature versus nurture debate.

    One of the arguments against environmental determinism, which is what I assume you are asking, is that it does not account for the human cognitive abilities to adapt and learn from our surroundings. By arguing that humans react to stimuli based on an innate physical or genetic intuition, disregards that fact that we as a species have the capacity for creative thought and have the potential to react differently to a single situation. Researchers argue that though there is a likelihood based on genetic tendencies of how an individual will react to a stimuli, this is not set in stone.

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    Environmental determinism is a general attitude or a tendency to seek environmental causes for most important developments in human history.  It has also been related to climate.  Many natural scientists that study human society, believe that the human-environmental relationship is far more complex and dynamic than environmental determinists imagine.  They believe that the idea underestimates human society in two ways:
    1.  underestimates the complexity of human society and history
    2.  underestimates the adaptability of human societies
    and that this would then mean that humans are not as vulnerable to environmental changes as other animals are, that through their culture, they can adapt in real time to changes without major catastrophes. 

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