What are the pressing issues of cap and trade?



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    There are a few issues that may possibly arise with cap and trade.  One is the fact that its supposed intended purpose is to lower co2 production by making it expensive to pollute, thereby driving the market towards renewable sources of energy, but as we can see with Europe’s cap and trade model, the prices of co2 aren’t really expensive enough to promote greener technologies.  Secondly, as far as the US is concerned right now, economic times are tough already, so implementing something that will put a larger econmic strain on companies is not going to make them want to invest even more into the use of greener technologies.  AndlLastly, if companies did invest in greener technologies, people think it would likely trickle down to the consumer having to pay for it.

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    Sadly, those politicians who are against these have dubbed it ‘Cap and Tax’ and thus scared many public supporters away.  They convince the voting people that they will be taxed as a result, and because of that many House representatives in the US government can say they oppose the proposal.

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