What are the positive and negative effects of Owls preying on mice in the wild?

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    The obvious negative effect is to the mouse! However, owls are one of their natural predators, so that helps equalize the population, etc.

    The only other real negative effect would be the possibility of passing disease from the mouse to the owl. This is a possibility when one animal is consumed by another.

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    I don’t think there is any negative effect, except on the mouse of course. Like xmanmonk said, it keeps the population in the balance. If a predator such as the owl is removed, mice could overwhelm the ecosystem if their population gets to high. This could lead to a depletion of native plants that the mice feed on. A similar thing happened in Yellowstone Park with wolves and deer/elk. A lack of wolves in the park caused a population boost of elk and deer which had a big impact by not allowing plant re-growth due to over grazing. Re-establishing the wolf population returned the ecosystem to balance. I think owls are important predators needed to keep the ecosystem at an equilibrium. 

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