what are popular enviromental issues in 2011

I am writing a children’s book- originally I was going to write about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, but as I began to research it, there have been many provisions made to stop mass deforestation. I’m trying to find new environmental issues that haven’t necessarily been addressed yet.



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    I think the situation with gray wolves in Idaho/Montana/Wyoming is fairly prominent this year.  Gray wolves were removed from the endangered species list due to their growing population, and in those states they are either currently being hunted or they are about to be hunted.  Wolves may be hunted because they pose a threat to ranchers; on the other hand, the problem with hunting wolves is that we have worked to save prevent their going extinct, and are now planning to kill them all over again.

    There’s a lot of information on this around the internet too, but here are some relevant links from GreenAnswers:



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