What are Polly wogs?



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    A pollywog is a frog before it has grown up. Pollywogs, also known as tadpoles emerge from frog eggs. Pollywogs look like fish, live in the water, and breathe through gills. As it grows, a pollywog will grow legs and lungs and emerge from the water, and eventually turn into a frog.

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    Pollywogs are tadpoles. Tadpoles are baby frogs who have yet to mature, have distinct features and legs. Tadpoles resemble fishes and they live in the water and move incredibly fast. Once they reach a maturity level they turn into a frog, have lungs and will grow legs. Tadpoles take six to twelve weeks to develop into a frog. 

    There are people out there who love having tadpoles as pets and if you are one of these people then you should know that these cute baby frogs love lettuce. Boil lettice for ten to fifteen minutes and chop it up in little pieces, freeze and serve when it is eating time. Tadpoles like clean and clear water and it is best to keep their water clean in order to appease them and keep them healthy and alive.

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