What are pine beetles?



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    Pine beetles are a type of bark beetle native to the western US. They have a life expectancy of 1 year and spend all stages, with the exception of the adult stage, under bark.

    Pine beetles attack and kill lodgepole, ponderosa, sugar, and western white pines. Outbreaks frequently develop in lodgepole pines and can devastate their ecosystem. There have been instances where commercial pine forests have been almost wiped out as a result of pine beetle outbreaks. 

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    Pine beetles are insect pests that often kill trees in mountainous regions. Efforts in Montana and Colorado have attempted to eradicate pine beetle outbreaks in order to preserve the forests. Their latin name is Dendroctonus and measure to about 1/3 inch. For more information, look to rigibson’s links. 

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    Mountain pine beetles, also known as Black Hills beetle and Rocky Mountain pine beetle, are native to forests of western North America and are considered pests because their burrowing habits have killed millions of trees. The trees they typically affect are lodgepole, ponderosa, Scotch and limber pines, and bristlecone and pinon pines. A good indication a tree is being attacked by pine beetles is if you see popcorn shaped resin on the tree (below).

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